Kalima Illuminating Eye Cream


Kalima Illuminating Eye Cream


A perennial top seller at our farmers markets, Kalima is now available online in improved packaging!

Naturally improve how the world sees your eyes

Kalima means "cream" in Hawaiian. We designed this specifically for the thin skin around your eyes and eyelids. Our Kalima combines some of the best ingredients Hawaii has to offer: Organic kukui nut, avocado, macadamia nut, and sesame oils, and shea butter are just the beginning. Kona coffee, in addition to adding antioxidant protection, also tightens the skin, reducing puffiness. Organic aloe vera, cucumber extract, and ginseng root soothe your skin and help lessen dark circles. Zinc oxide and natural mica give protection from the sun and add an illuminating quality without irritation. Essential oils and vitamin E provide even more nutrition in this "Good Food for Your Skin."

A few drops is all it takes; Using the applicator wand, start from your temples (remember those "laugh lines") and work your way under your eyes toward your nose, being careful not to stretch your skin. Then from the inside out on your closed eyelids. I (Tim) like to put any excess between my eyebrows to reduce wrinkles. As part of your daily ritual, Kalima can help you have younger looking eyes. Many users see immediate results!

Use with Ili Oil to keep all your skin looking young and beautiful.

Been using your products for 4 years now and there is NOTHING BETTER! I absolutely LOVE & ADORE everything about Luana Naturals!

- Danielle

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