Despite the old adage: Oil & Water Do Mix

Like cures like.  Oil dissolves oil.  It is a basic principle one learns in chemistry class.  Cleansing with oil sounds a bit counter intuitive but it is a healthy, simple, and effective way to keep your face clean and glowing.  Washing with harsh soaps and detergents only strips away our skin's own oil, sebum, and then our bodies have to create more oil to replace that which was lost.  It becomes a viscous circle.

Luana Naturals' ili Oil is a custom blend of Hawaiian Kukui nut, avocado, and essential oils

Luana Naturals' ili Oil is a custom blend of Hawaiian Kukui nut, avocado, and essential oils

Plant-based oils used in specific combinations balances the skin's own natural oils.  At the same time,  your body is nourished and moisturized without the use of toxic chemicals.  When you gently massage oil into your skin, it dissolves impurities - dirt and bacteria and hardened oils - found lodged in your pores.  A warm face cloth will open the pores, allowing the oil to be easily removed.  Add a tiny drop of the oil following the cleanse at night keeps the body from over-compensating in its own oil production.

For some individuals, there is an adjustment period when the skin is detoxifying from the impurities pulled from deep within the body and from the chemical "beauty" products used over the years.  This may take a few days.  When done properly and consistently, cleansing with oil over the long term can help solve skin issues such as oily or dry skin, sensitive skin, and blemishes.  The result is a healthy, balanced and properly moisturized body.

The method is simple:

1.)  Use a pure, plant-based combination of oils.  Be sure you can identity each ingredient in your product of choice.  Place a few drops in the palm of your hand and add a drop or two of water.  Massage gently onto the face using a circular motion.  A minute or two is all you need to saturated your skin.  Use a cotton pad to remove gently make-up from around the eyes.  No need to use a separate product for make-up removal.  You can leave your cleansing oil on the skin for up to 10 minutes if you want to clean deep into your pores.

2.)  Follow with a hot washcloth.  Place it over your face and allow the steam to remove the oils and impurities.  Leave the cloth on until it cools, about a minute or so.  Repeat if needed.  You want to remove all the dirt but leave a thin layer of the oil.  If time permits, enjoy infusing a bit of lavender or lemon balm in the basin and placing a towel over your head to capture the beautiful steam.

That's it.  No moisturizer is needed.  If you have very dry skin, add a touch of the oil.  This can be especially beneficial if you cleanse with oil at night.  In the morning, you do not need to cleanse deep again.  Simply use a cool washcloth and a hydrating spray to freshen the face.  Once a week or so, treat your skin to a bit of mashed, ripe avocado or papaya, or a tad of organic honey to your oil regime.  Just blend it together and massage onto damp skin.  Allow to sit for a few minutes and then follow with the very warm washcloth.

Simple - balanced - good food for the skin.  Give it a try and enjoy your new found glow.